Sorry for the lack of posts its been a little hectic. I found a partner over the weekend for Swapperme.Com. He is a current Microsoft employee, very smart guy, and he will be able to help me with the web programming and such. I’m very excited with with skills set he brings to the table. […]

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Driving Traffic to Your Blog *Part I*

A couple posts ago I wrote about viral marketing and the importance of it. Going along with that theme I want to discuss driving traffic to your website/blog. While I am still incorparating alot of these ideas with this blog I thought it might be helpful to share some techniques I have learned while researching […]

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Swapperme.Com is a blog centered around a new Seattle start-up by a young entrepreneur. This blog will be a tool for other entrepreneurs and business people to support each other and discuss ideas. Although the blog will center around entrepreneurial methods and suggestions, it will also detail life as a 24 year old in one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world, Seattle.